TKBrewing(TKB) was established in 2017 as a local craft beer brewery in Kawasaki. Since then, TKBrewing has experimented with many beer styles. Here are some representative examples.


Semi-regular black beer from TKB. Enjoy the roasted aroma and hop bitterness. Alc=6.5% IBU=75

TKB(TKBrewing)のクラフトビール:ナイトロ カワサキー
nitro Kawasakey

This is a tribute work released by TKB in conjunction with the end of Kilkenny's sale in Japan. Enjoy the difference in mouthfeel of nitrogen-filled beer. Alc=5.0% IBU=27

TKB(TKBrewing)のクラフトビール:ビハインド ザ クラウド
Behind The Cloud

New England IPA from TKB. Enjoy the aroma of various hops and the turbidity unique to beer styles. Alc=6.5% IBU=N/A

Dopeness IPA

TKB's classic IPA. American west coast style IPA. It has a strong hop aroma and bitterness. Alc=7.0% IBU=72


Wheat beer from TKB. Enjoy its unique(fruity) scent. Alc=4.5% IBU=21

Berry Berry Cherry Sour

TKB's berry sour uses Blackberry, Cranberry, etc. Therefore, it is characterized by the red color of beer. We use Belma hops, which goes well with berries. Alc=4.0% IBU=28

TKB(TKBrewing)のクラフトビール:スペシャルIPA (Rikawa)
Rikawa IPA

TKB's special IPA that uses only Rikawa, a rare hop from New Zealand. Reminiscent of rich oranges and mandarins. Alc=6.5% IBU=46

Amber Duck

American Amber brewed to match duck dishes. Finished with less bitterness. ALC = 5.5% IBU = 44

Tenderness IPA

A West Coast style orthodox IPA. It has become a new standard for TKB. ALC=7.0% IBU=96